Want to volunteer?

Artists, friends, clowns and country people!

Did you know that AFRU is always seeking volunteers to work 4 hr gallery shifts on the weekends? Did you know they are a nonprofit organization and keep running based on the  strength of volunteers?

Have you ever thought, man, those AFRU kids are cool! Wow, look at all that art they hang, and how inclusive they are, and man, they’ve been rocking that Portland art scene for 12 years with an amazing crew of folk that put in time because of their love of this city and it’s artist’s! 

Well YOU could be one of us! It’s super easy, just email our volunteer coordinator @ jenberryartitude@gmail.com, she can also be found on FB @ Jen Berry or simply leave a comment on this thread and she’ll contact you! 

Come join us, volunteering makes your soul feel good, it helps grow our community and it spreads the love!