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Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba

A new memoir by the celebrated infamous artistReverend Steven Johnson Leyba
Half Native American and full TERROR in this politically correctauthoritarian time. Leyba is a ‘Sexpressionist’ Painter, Performanceartist, author and the most original and unconventional book maker.Internationally known for being masterful yet controversial, Leyba isextreme, and makes no apologies for it. His mixed media canvases,containing everything from oil paint, and traditional tribal beadwork,to his own blood and body fluids, are as different an art to behold(and with his hand made books- art you can touch and hold), as theyare thick in texture, color, and the statements of who he is. Verygraphic in their depiction of body parts, as in his portrait series,’SexGoblins’, and often politically charged, this ‘Tribal Trickster’may be an acquired taste, but one who’ll you will never see imitated.
Leyba’s new memoir WE ARE ALL INDIANS NOW (Also same title of his 15thhand made book) explores his cultural critiques as well as hispersonal struggles in public and private, all aspects of his creativeprocess, as well the pursuit of his and our personal liberties withhis corporate battles and curses.
Memoir is hardback $50 release as well as a limited edition of 66signed and numbered at $250 each with a unique self portrait.
Also his 3rd Project # 9 spoken word release with composer MarlyPreston “Prisons of The Disinformation Age” Human Future Records

“Bone And Bell” performance 9:30PM

“We need Leyba! He of the unwavering penetrating eye of truth. The manis truly heroic in his fearless exposure of corporate mind control andhis absolute refusal to be hoodwinked into the all pervasive societalsugar coma trance state induced by the wielders of the great consumerspell. His writing (like his ‘PAINting’) is incisive, cutting throughall the BS with laser beam intensity and shining a fierce and blazinglight into the dark covert corners to expose all that the corrupthypocrites endeavor to keep from being seen. Coyote rising! HOWL!”
-David J , of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, & The Bubblemen

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