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AFRU Gallery is very proud to present
A Group Show of Fabulously Talented Artists
to kick off Pride Month in Style!

I will let our main entertainer, Svetlana Trantastic, describe a little bit about this show:
“I was inspired to involve my community in an audio piece that I will use to start the 9 pm entertainment hour. I have gotten a great deal of positive response from the community. People are sending in short audio clips about their reasons and feelings surrounding the terms they identity with. Why they like one term over another……..etc. I am getting a lot of positive feedback and believe that there will be a good turnout by those who made submissions who want to hear their contribution alongside the recordings of others. I am getting a lot of help organizing this and have a clear vision about how I will connect the audio to AFRU’s mission statement, and opening remarks, and how I will balance heavy moments in the audio with comic moments by myself and the two queens that are joining me. I feel really good about what’s happening and am certain that interest is gathering. Pride events lack reflective events that make queer voices heard and express our history and struggle. I am feeling overwhelming support for what I am doing.”

The show opens June 7th, 2019 6PM to kick off PRIDE MONTH. At 9PM our performances will start.

The show is being guest curated by Scott Langen.
Special “Thank You’s” to Lisa Cline.

This special show is recommended as an 18+
years of age show.

Special live performances by
Svetlana Trantastic
the “Queen of Portland Drag Comedy” and is the host of her own sensational bath time interview show “Bath time with Auntie Svetty” on YouTube. No really, Google that shit!
Check out the latest episode: Episode 9 w/ Betty Poops!
Betty Poops
“Betty Poops is Portland’s number TWO funny girl and is sure to wipe that frown right off your face and turn it into either confusion or pure bowel-busting laughter!”
Valerie DeVilles
“Valerie is Portland’s favorite boozy floozy. She is a former Portland Sweetheart and recently won Elite Queen.”

Music curated by PINEAPPLE!!! ♥

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