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September 2019 Show SIENNA MORRIS

The Challenge was to create something everyday for a year…then have a gallery show halfway through to celebrate the progress and get encouragement
to keep going.
I have been a professional artist for about 11 years (you may know me for my scientific Numberism drawings as seen at the Portland Saturday Market), but after a while, I noticed that I was spending more time on the business side of art and less time creating it. This challenge is a call back to the sketchbook, to practice rather than produce, to make mistakes and see where creativity takes me. I welcome you to see the first 6 months of artwork from this challenge, to connect with me about my process and to cheer me on to keep going!

Day 55

August 2019 Show ANNE BUJOLD

Anne Bujold combines metalsmithing and blacksmithing techniques with alternative materials such as felt, ribbon, and plastics. In her sculpture, animals are agents examining the spaces between definitions, that fertile ground where new forms emerge.

Bujold is currently the Artist-In-Residence for the Metals Department at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN. She received her MFA from the Craft and Material Studies Department at Virginia Commonwealth University (2018) and BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft (2008). 

Previously based in Portland, Oregon, she operated Riveted Rabbit Studio, a custom metal fabrication business.

Bujold has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University (VA), Oregon College of Art and Craft (OR), The Multnomah Art Center (OR), The Donkey Mill Art Center (HI), and The Appalachian Center for Craft (TN). 

“Bewilder” explores the spaces between, where the unexpected emerges. To bewilder is to cause confusion; this series explores boundaries, and the disorientation of interstitial spaces. Bewilder also implies being wilder – embracing nature in an attempt to navigate existence.

Ayla Ray
at 9pm


July 2019 Show – SINCANVAS

A show of new artwork from SINCANVAS! The show to end ALL Street Art shows!
With a very special performance by Sincanvas and Jake Zimmerman

Sincanvas has this to say: “I’m really excited about this show Portland.. Stepping out of my comfort Zone, and doing a lil Performance Art piece with a special appearance by Jake Zimmermann creator of “Save Portland from Hell” ,,Portlands King Prankster!!!…Music for performance, and Art Show by Straw Berry-Pickle with a set by the melodic Kathleen Stepp..!!!!!… Its gonna be special night filled with Corndogs(Vegan friendly ones also) ,, Steamed Baos(Reg /Veggie),,fortune cookies ,,almond cookies, circus peanuts and other treats… Join us all one memorable evening:))”

Music performances by Kat Stepp (known as “Lovely Songbird on YouTube)

and Strawberrypickle.

The show will be featured all month long during gallery hours (see below).
As always admission is FREE!
All Ages :: Beer/cider/wine available for purchase with ID (cards accepted but cash preferred)
Catering at our events are casual pot luck style so bring something to share if you can.

“Killing Poppy”
Book by William Perk
artwork from Skam, Sincanvas, Wokeface, and Crace
William Perk is a recovering heroin addict who grew up outside of Portland, OR. After catching scabies at Hooper Detox and being diagnosed Bipolar 1, he began to funnel his insanity into a satirical performance art project called Save Portland From Hell. William taught English in Thailand and currently resides in Portland. This is his first book.

​”Killing Poppy is about a heroin addict attempting to kick his addiction with the aid of an angel sent to help him. The catch: the angel is an amoral for-hire schlub. The result: an extremely funny, deeply strange, and surprisingly violent book with a raw human heart beating at the center of it. It’s a chaotic ride, but William confidently controls the chaos.”

—​​​Cameron Pierce, author of Ass Goblins of 

“I read Killing Poppy with fingers over my eyes and while clenching my teeth; William Perk has given us disturbing, addictive story-telling at its finest, and I couldn’t look away.”

​—​Elle Stanger, writer at and podcast host at

June 2019


AFRU Gallery is very proud to present
A Group Show of Fabulously Talented Artists 
to kick off Pride Month in Style!

I will let our main entertainer, Svetlana Trantastic, describe a little bit about this show: 
“I was inspired to involve my community in an audio piece that I will use to start the 9 pm entertainment hour. I have gotten a great deal of positive response from the community. People are sending in short audio clips about their reasons and feelings surrounding the terms they identity with. Why they like one term over another……..etc. I am getting a lot of positive feedback and believe that there will be a good turnout by those who made submissions who want to hear their contribution alongside the recordings of others. I am getting a lot of help organizing this and have a clear vision about how I will connect the audio to AFRU’s mission statement, and opening remarks, and how I will balance heavy moments in the audio with comic moments by myself and the two queens that are joining me. I feel really good about what’s happening and am certain that interest is gathering. Pride events lack reflective events that make queer voices heard and express our history and struggle. I am feeling overwhelming support for what I am doing.”

The show opens June 7th, 2019 6PM to kick off PRIDE MONTH. At 9PM our performances will start.

The show is being guest curated by Scott Langen.
Special “Thank You’s” to Lisa Cline.

This special show is recommended as an 18+ 
years of age show.

Special live performances by
Svetlana Trantastic
the “Queen of Portland Drag Comedy” and is the host of her own sensational bath time interview show “Bath time with Auntie Svetty” on YouTube. No really, Google that shit!
Check out the latest episode: Episode 9 w/ Betty Poops!
Betty Poops
“Betty Poops is Portland’s number TWO funny girl and is sure to wipe that frown right off your face and turn it into either confusion or pure bowel-busting laughter!”
Valerie DeVilles
“Valerie is Portland’s favorite boozy floozy. She is a former Portland Sweetheart and recently won Elite Queen.”

Music curated by PINEAPPLE!!! ♥

All Inquiries to:

May 2019 – SCI-FI Show 4.0

SCI-FI SHOW 4.0 MAY 2019

Opening Night of the Sci-Fi Show 4.0!
May 3rd • 6pm – Midnight

Special Guest & Returning Curator: 
Doctor Sam Klein!

Special Music Performance at 9pm by 

Synth Witch

6pm First Friday May 3rd

@ AFRU Gallery, 534 SE Oak St, Portland, OR

The show will be featured all month long during gallery hours (see below).

As always admission is FREE!

All Ages :: Beer/cider/wine available for purchase with ID (cards accepted but cash preferred)

Catering at our events are casual pot luck style so bring something to share if you can.

Also, the art is available FOR SALE!

New artworks from Zachary Pryor.

AFRU Gallery is curated by Jonas Nash and Rustyn L. Birch. Located in the heart of Portland’s Southeast industrial area, AFRU has been growing steadily in exposure since its inception in September of 2012. Its relaxed atmosphere, quality artist displays and extraordinary music performances on first Fridays have given it a healthy reputation in the artist community and a tip of the hat from internationally established artists and galleries alike. 

Yvette at last year’s Sci-Fi Opening Night, May 4th, 2018.

Regular gallery hours:

Fri/Sat/Sun 2-6pm