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Special Limited Edition Red Boxes hand made by SINCANVAS!
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Each box contains an enamel pin, regular Raccoon pin, two stickers, and a crumbly silkscreened patch. All for $15 bucks! At the AFRU Gallery exclusively!

“Killing Poppy”
Book by William Perk
artwork from Skam, Sincanvas, Wokeface, and Crace
William Perk is a recovering heroin addict who grew up outside of Portland, OR. After catching scabies at Hooper Detox and being diagnosed Bipolar 1, he began to funnel his insanity into a satirical performance art project called Save Portland From Hell. William taught English in Thailand and currently resides in Portland. This is his first book.

​”Killing Poppy is about a heroin addict attempting to kick his addiction with the aid of an angel sent to help him. The catch: the angel is an amoral for-hire schlub. The result: an extremely funny, deeply strange, and surprisingly violent book with a raw human heart beating at the center of it. It’s a chaotic ride, but William confidently controls the chaos.”

—​​​Cameron Pierce, author of Ass Goblins of 

“I read Killing Poppy with fingers over my eyes and while clenching my teeth; William Perk has given us disturbing, addictive story-telling at its finest, and I couldn’t look away.”

​—​Elle Stanger, writer at and podcast host at

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